Makomando Tanzanie
MAKOMANDO Makomando is a dance/singing boys group in Tanzania, comprising of 5, Said Christopher (MUCKY), Fred Felix (FRED WAYNE), George Owino (GEE),Shadrack (SHEDDY) and Rahim (RAI GOJO),Best known for the singles “pop your collar” , “kibega”, “kibabababa” and the recent one “sherikoko”. The group was put together in Dar Es Salaam in 2011 after being together for five years as TANZANIA HOUSE OF TALENT (THT) dancers. In late 2011 they signed with MDB`s record label under Maxmillian Rioba soon after they stopped Dancing for THT and that’s when they recorded their first and hit song “pop your collar”, which got them invited in the Clouds media biggest youth concert` After Xcul Bash` where they introduced, they are own dancing style titled “kibega”. Due to the positive outcomes of their new style (kibega), they had to make an official song for the dance which then became the most famous dance in that time all over Tanzania and East Africa in general and hence to make their presence known. MAKOMANDO is one among the KIGOMA ALL STARS members which was a union of all artist from Kigoma (Tanzania Region) including Diamond,Ali Kiba,Peter Msechu etc. Awards & Nominations Due to their ability to perform they have been nominated three times in Kilimanjaro Music Awards as best group of the year in 2012, 2013 and 2014 consecutively, same category with big heads like Weusi and Navy Kenzo And they also performed on 2014 the Kilimanjaro Music awards.